Working with Hanno


Hanno is a UK-based digital products team that worked with plenty of big names like Uber, Lenovo, Sony, Omron, and Skyscanner. Since 2018 they shifted their focus to digital health.

Working with Hanno brought me to a whole new level, the craftsmanship, the thinking, and the collaboration (design workshop) in a remote environment.

I joined Hanno in 2017, a year before they shifted their positioning. I was still working on several projects that are not related to digital health. One of the most groundbreaking works was Stratim, a B2B Operation startup, which was later acquired by a giant auto company.

We mostly worked on stealth projects like apps related to wound management, diabetes, and oncology for digital health.

In 2019, I left Hanno to pursue an offer from Bukalapak for a design mentorship opportunity and a full-time freelancer.