Let's collaborate!

From a quick design teardown to an end-to-end design project.

I also know how to code with modern front-end frameworks like React, Sass, and Styled Component. But, please don't call me a unicorn.

Besides providing design mentorship at Bukalapak, I have the capacity to collaborate with your team, startup, or project in any timezone and size.

To make sure if I'm the right person for you, here are the services we can collaborate with:

Main services

  • Interaction Design
  • Visual / UI Design
  • Design Language System
  • Creative Direction

Design teardown

or people usually call it a design audit.

I will analyze your product like websites, mobile apps from a wide range of design perspectives, the visual, interaction, basically the whole user experience.

The feedback I provide is more than just a rule of thumb or best practices. I'll do an in-depth analysis to give you feedback that would be relevant to your product. Any supporting data would help me to go further.

At the end of the design teardown, I will give you a list of fixes from low-hanging fruits to some hypotheses to be tested and understood more.

Design tools that I use

I don't care that much about tools. I use paper, pen, or any online whiteboard tool, especially in a conceptual phase. Bear with me if things seem chaotic.

For Visual / UI Design, I primarily use Figma because it's easier to collaborate with you and your team. If you prefer other tools like Adobe XD or Sketch, I can do it.

Other tools that I occasionally use: Framer, Protopie, Principle, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop.

A few notes

  • I'm open for both short (1-2 months) and long engagement (more than six months) in 2021.
  • I open to work with clients at any timezone.
  • I only set a maximum of 3 overlapping hours/day for collaboration: workshop, meeting, or only discussion through chat. The rest we'll be working asynchronously.
  • Due to an exclusive contract with Bukalapak, I can't work with Indonesian clients from similar industries.

Speaking Engagement

I'd love to speak on any occasion, whether for a class, meetup, internal talk, or conference.

Previous speaking engagement:

  • Glints Expert Class December 2020
  • SixtyTwo Design Camp 2019
  • GO-JEK X Dribbble Meetup 2018
  • Kompas Gramedia Internal Team 2018
  • IDX Incubator Program 2018
  • Tanijoy Internal Product Team 2018
  • MaxFest Balikpapan 2018
  • Youth Digital Conference Mojokerto 2018