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Taking the lead on the first product design team for a fast-growing online marketplace


Bukalapak is one of the largest & fast-growing marketplaces amid intense e-commerce competition.

In 2016, Willix Halim, the new chief operating officer, asked me joining the company in a mission to establishing the very first product design team in Bukalapak.

I accepted the offer as a contractor that focused on the goals of building the team, design system and promoting workflow and design culture to all people and divisions within the company.

Bringing forth the vision and fostering the design team

My work was focused more on managing the team, how they collaborate in the cross-functional team, how they face challenges and grow to be a better designer.

I worked closely with product managers to strategize how designers in every product team support each objective. Besides, I did some advocating on design practice, workflow, and culture, across the product teams on several occasions of internal team talk.

Our team of 4 also initiated a design system as preparation before more designers joining us. We needed it as a shared language not only for designers but also across the product teams.

The journey goes on

Bukalapak continues to grow so fast, so does the design team. When my contract was over, there were only 15 people on the team. Fast-forward to two years later, they are more than a hundred. I'm proud to be a part of their journey on planting good seed.

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