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Creating a fun travel site with Malesbanget team

Jalan2men is a video web series that documents interesting travel spots in Indonesia through music and romance of 2 characters: Jebraw and Naya. team (creator of Jalan2men) asked me to create a website for Jalan2men. The want to put up not only the web series, but also articles, tips, and Instagram photos with Jalan2men hashtag.


User Interface Design
Website Design


"The most important page is not the homepage; it is the articles"

The main focus of the design process was on the article page. Eventhough the homepage is important, but the Jalan2men team insists it is not where users paid most attention. The homepage will simply summarize the latest update from Jalan2men.

The article page was divided into several types. Some pages use the hero image, others are regular posts, and there are also slideshows and polling.

I starting by designing the basic elements for the article page to maintain its consistency. Then, I begin to make slight adjustments to match each article type. Designing how users can jump from one article to another is also of importance here.


"I want the website to be clean and fresh, so people can enjoy reading informations about travel destinations in Indonesia - Christian Sugiono"

The main color for Jalan2men was originally green, but I chose a brighter shade of green to create a fresher look. I also use white as the other main color to give a wide-space feel to the website. With this combination, users are able to focus more on the colorful scenery photos.

"Working on this project makes me excited to travel Indonesia."

Here are some exciting photos of several travel destinations in Indonesia. This is more or less my own bucket list! Are you interested?


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