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Reimagining the delivery service experience

The e-commerce industry in Indonesia has been growing exponentially these past few years. As a result, a transformation in logistics and distribution networks takes place.

Etobee is a crowdsourced urban logistics delivery platform. It emerges with the vision of providing new distribution models that provides accurate handling and real-time access to inventory and movement. Users are able to ship and collect any item they want, at the time and place they desire within the city, same-day or in minutes.


Fullstack Designer

"I am a jack-of-all-trade."

When I first joined the team, etobee has not been launched yet. However, the mobile app has been designed by someone else outside of the team. Being the only in-house designer, I was assigned by Sven Milder (CEO) to handle everything from top to bottom: from wireframes to visuals and sketching to printing design production.

My first priority initially was to make sure that the design is relevant to what we need for the launching. The booking flow was my main focus, and here's how it originally looked like:

  1. Entering pick up and drop off address
  2. Choosing the type of vehicle based on the size of the item. This includes inputting the details of the item: amount, dimensions and picture.
  3. Order summary
  4. Finding the driver

The following is the first visual design of the booking flow:


As the development of the application progresses, I begin to make several changes. It started with minor alteration, until eventually I pretty much redesign the whole application. Those changes are:

  1. The first step is choosing the type of vehicle for delivery. This gives an idea to users that they are able to use etobee to deliver items in any size of any kind. Afterwards, still on the same screen, they input the detailed address for pick up and drop off.
  2. On the next screen, I simplify the interface to a basic form design. This is to avoid confusions when users are filling in the details.
  3. In the original design, the delivery cost is revealed after the booking is made. However, I notice that it results in many cancellation made by users. To make it more convenient, the new design provides the estimated cost prior to confirming the booking. As expected, the cancellation rate lowers significantly.
  4. 'Finding the driver' function is pretty much the same. I simply tried to make it more colorful and fun.

All the changes that I made above was done after the launching of etobee, so it was all based on the direct feedback and data from users. Eventhough the data was still minimum, but we tried to continually apply the necessary modifications. One of the most crucial things was on finding and choosing the driver, because this determines whether or not users will use our service.

When we first noticed the high cancelation rate, we couldn't analyze the issue because there was no data available. Therefore, we added the 'reason for cancellation' screen. The data result was a huge help for our team to improve the service. For example, if there are many users in a certain area choosing 'the driver is too far' or 'I wait too long' as their reason for cancellation, then our operation team can increase the number of drivers available on that area.

Here's the flow from finding the driver up to choosing the driver:


"Being a fullstack designer in a startup is about designing the company"


On top of designing the mobile app, I was also responsible for designing the driver app. The biggest challenge in designing the driver app was to make sure that it is very clear and convenient for the drivers to use. The fact is, most of our drivers are not tech savvy. I had to put myself in their shoes in designing the app; how they would interact with it. In developing this app, I work together with the Q&A and Operation team, because basically they are the 'field agents' and are able to identify the issues that are happening.

Another part of my job description was handling the design and coding of several landing pages. There are 3 types of landing page: campaign for etobee launching, landing page for user (home page), and landing page for driver.


Working here, I learn that it is not easy being a jack-of-all-trade. The schedule was so tight that it was almost impossible for me to make everything perfect, especially the UI and the web design. We had to regularly make small changes to fit the target market, modify the design as we made changes to the business model, and explore new ideas from all the feedback. It was time consuming and the deadline was really tight. However, I find the keys to keep everything on track were:

  1. Great planning and prioritize!
  2. Build and effective communication to produce good collaboration.
  3. Take initiative! Don’t just push pixels.
  4. Always make the most of my time on the weekend to recharge myself, physically and mentally.

Etobee is on appstore and playstore. Download and try to deliver your item now! ;)

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