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Bringing the salon experience to your home

Amber is a mobile application and web based platform for beauty and wellness treatment. It is currently the largest community for all premium freelance make up artists, hair stylists, and mehendi artists in India.

Saurabh Goel, the co-founder, want Amber to give off an elegant-yet-fun vibe that would be able to attract female customers. Believing that I have the intuition to play with the right colors, I was entrusted with this project. Also, the fact that my previous project had the same 'on-demand' concept convinced them even more to finally assign me to handle this project.


User Interface Design
Mobile App Design


"The same 'on-demand' concept that I applied to etobee, allows me to understand this project with ease"

When I first started, they already had the basic wireframes, but they wanted me to check every screen and acquire more ideas from my perspective. Therefore, we went through every single page in detail. Of course, the most important part is the booking flow. We wanted to make sure that user understands by accommodating every possible questions or confusions that might arise during the booking process. The goal is to make the booking steps as convenient as possible.

The above wireframe was their original basic wireframe, and we reformulate their booking flow as follows:

Moreover, I suggested to not make the sign up and OTP (One Time Password) mandatory at the beginning of the application. My thought was with the variety of services offered, promotional packages and diverse price range, it is better to let users explore the application more prior to signing up. Putting a sign up screen at the beginning might feel like a hassle for users, especially when they don't even have the slightest idea about this application: what it offers and would they be attracted to use the services.

By displaying the kinds of services they offer, along with explanations, designs and pictures, users - especially female users - would more likely be stirred up emotionally into using the services offered. In other words, those explanations, designs and pictures should trigger their interests to book the service, which will further make them willingly sign up for the application.

The same 'on-demand' concept the I applied to etobee, the application that I worked on prior to this, allows me to understand this project with ease. Of course, there are still differences here and there which require me to study this project deeper. Fortunately, the product manager, Rohan Aranha, was really responsive. He always made sure that I understood everything completely. We do skype calls at least 3 times a week.

"A project's success depends heavily on the communication between designer and product owner"

Afterwards, there's the check out screen which has 5 parts: adding notes to the stylist that's being booked, inputting user's address, phone number, voucher code (if any) and choosing payment methods. Rohan and I decided to make it an inline form, instead of moving to a different screen. Our assumption was, with several different steps before this, it's better not to break down the check out process into more steps. The challenge was to create a 5-steps checkout layout easily understood.


To provide a different service experience for users, Rohan requested me to create a pre-service and post-service tips screen. Pre-service tips offer some tips or important notices prior to booking the service, while the post-service tips are tips that are given by the stylist after the service is completed.


Working on this project really pushed me to a higher level. Since the target market of the product is very segmented, it did create some challenges in the design initially. The highlight of this project, I would say, was in exploring the brand color scheme which would fit the brand image perfectly. I also wanted to ensure that the visual design in the mobile app would attract users and gives off the right ambience, as well as engaging the users emotionally.

Throughout the process, I did 3 iterations to come up with the initial design. I was too afraid to play with colors at the beginning, resulting in the disappointment on Rohan's part. He then insisted that the first impression that needs to come out is vibrant and beauty.


All in all, I am very happy because the application is now live in iOS App Store and Android Play Store. I also find many encouraging and positive comments on the mobile app.

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