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Thomas is a digital product designer who is simply passionate about crafting human-oriented digital products. In his free time, you can find him dancing Hiphop and travelling with his wife.

My Process
1. Empathize

Having a discussion with client to understand his/her vision and see the big picture of the project.

2. Define

Defining the structure, process, and strategy in the form of User Flow Map, Wireframe, Information Architecture and Prototype.

3. Execution

Time to get my hands dirty, start creating the visual design.

1. How much is the charge?

Cost would depend highly on the scope of the project. Once I know the scope of the project in details, I would come up with the quotation.

2. What software do you use?

My preference would be Sketch, but I can do photoshop too.

3. What services you offer?

I offer digital product design, which includes strategizing, wireframing, prototyping and visual design.

4. Do you do coding?

Yes, I do, but currently I don't take coding jobs.

5. Open for FT position?

Currently, no. I still enjoy freelancing while exploring and traveling different places.

6. What is your favorite movie?

I especially like superhero movies, both of DC Comics and Marvel. I also like Star Wars Saga.

7. Who is your favorite superhero?

Captain America for Marvel and Arrow for DC Comics. I admire their leadership skills, apart from their fighting abilities.

8. What is your most ridiculous dream?

Having C3PO and R2D2 as my assistants.

"Before we can think outside the box, We have to understand what happens inside the box"

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